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Stormwater Management

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System - Regulations for Revision of the Water Pollution Control Program Addressing Storm Water Discharges; Final Rule

Phase II regulations expand the existing NPDES stormwater program (Phase I) by addressing stormwater discharges from small MS4s and construction sites that disturb 1 to 5 acres. Although these sources are automatically designated by today's rule, the rule allows for the exclusion of certain sources from the national program based on a demonstration of the lack of impact on water quality, and the inclusion of others based on a higher likelihood of localized adverse impact on water quality. The regulations also exclude from the NPDES program stormwater discharges from industrial facilities that have "no exposure" of industrial activities or materials to stormwater.

Daugherty Township works with local communities and county to bring awareness of Stormwater Management Best Management Practices.

Daugherty Township, as well as 29 other communities and Beaver County, took the opportunity to work together and share resources in order to meet Federal and State mandate requirements for stormwater management under their NPDES II permits. Below is a transcript of the ad:

The water you use and drink comes from the Ohio River Watershed, which includes all of the water within Beaver and Lawrence Counties. Brochures are available at teh Beaver County Planning Office. Here are some things that can be done to help protect this valuable resource:

  • Never dispose or discharge anything into storm drains, rivers, ponds or streams.
  • Home Care
    • Do not dispose of household chemicals (antifreeze, cleaners, gasoline, oil, paints mercury, asbestos and others) into the streams, rivers and groundwater.
    • Properly dispose of leaves. Decaying leaves use up oxygen and harms aquatic life.
    • Do not mow lawns less than 3 inches; This will reduce the need for fertilizer and protects grass during drought. Fertilizer is picked up by rain and carried to your watershed.
    • Septic systems should be inspected and pumped at least every three (3) years by a Licensed Contractor. Defective or failed systems compromise water quality and are expensive to replace.

Paid for by the following municipalities: Cities of Aliquippa and Beaver Falls; Boroughs of Ambridge, Baden, Beaver, Conway, Economy, Ellport, Ellwood City, Freedom, Industry, Monaca, New Brighton, West Mayfield, Townships of Brighton, Center, Chippewa, Daugherty, Franklin, Harmony, Hopewell, New Sewickley, North Sewickley, Patterson, Pulaski, Rochester, South Beaver, Vanport, and White; County of Beaver.

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Stormwater Management Links


Below is a list of Links to State and Federal Agencies that regulate Stormwater Management activities.

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