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Township Unveils New Website

On Thursday, October 14, 2010, Daugherty Township pulled the plug on it's old homepage and released a newer, fresher, up to date version. After months of work designing the new site it has finally been published and it is now on-line. The new site has been designed to offer the residents of Daugherty Township, as well as the general public the ability to access information and conduct business with the Township on-line. The site has been streamlined and has much more to offer.

The new site was designed by Mr. Brooks Canavesi, co-founder of Frontline Initiative, Inc., and CEO of On Deck Systems, LLC., Beaver County's only 100% GREEN Hosting and Web design provider! Canavesi has been involved in business development for over 10 years and has brought his entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise to the frontlines of life to help benefit those in need through his non-profit work.  He currently works full-time as Chief Executive Officer of On Deck Systems while overseeing the technology side of another company he has partial ownership in,  Team-Dynamix, Inc. (www.team-dynamix.com). On Deck Systems primary focus is web and software development. Brooks is well versed in business development, finance, web design, information technology, and project management, making him a valuable asset to his various teams.  Frontline Initiative and its operating division Hero Program were awarded the 2009 Business of the Year Award by the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce.  During the same year Brooks Canavesi was nominated for a Jefferson Award for his passionate work in the community.  Canavesi has been lauded by colleagues and countless clients for his ability to bring people together and his passionate approach to all his work.  A high-honor graduate of Penn State University, Canavesi holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology.  For more information regarding On Deck Systems contact Brooks Canavesi by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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