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Located along the Beaver River and nestled in the rolling hills of north east Beaver County, Daugherty Township was incorporated on January 27, 1894 through the division of Pulaski Township. Daugherty Township received its name in honor of Edward Black Daugherty, a local attorney and native son.

Daugherty Township is governed by an elected body organized under the Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The elected body is called the Board of Supervisors and consists of three (3) elected officials, each serving a six (6) year term. The Board of Supervisors is charged with the general government of the Township to secure the health, welfare and safety of the citizens. To accomplish that task the Board adopts laws, known as ordinances, that govern various activities within the Township. The Board is restricted in areas in which it can exercise control by both the Second Class Township Code and various other laws of the Commonwealth.

Daugherty Township is the home of Beaver County’s first Catholic cemetery, originally known as the Daugherty Cemetery, it is located at the intersection of Pittsburgh and Allendale Roads. It was established around 1800 by Edward Daugherty, who donated a half acre parcel of his farm. The donation was prompted by the death of Edward’s brother Manasseh, who was killed in a barn raising and was buried on the property. This cemetery was recently dedicated and a historical marker was placed by the Beaver County Historical Research and Landmark Foundation on October, 26 2003. Father James Reid a former pastor of St. Peter and Paul in Beaver, Pennsylvania was the first pastor buried in this cemetery.

Mercer Road (Route 65) extending from New Brighton to the Klein Farm in Daugherty Township is also the first paved road in Beaver County.

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